Consultation & Coaching

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself...

  • Why are my gardens overgrown and looking like a jungle? They give me a wild vibe!
  • Why do I look around the yard and wonder where in the world to begin?
  • How do I prune and care for my shrubs?
  • What should I do with all of the plants that I just bought?  
  • When I bought the house, I had no idea what I inherited from the well-meaning past homeowner. Now what do I do?

Many of us are in the same garden boat; wondering the same questions!  It's time to set the wheels of change in motion and get a plan together for making your garden lifestyle better.  It all begins with a chat about how you want to live, what makes you feel good and how you see yourself spending happy times with your family outdoors in the garden. 

What's next?

  • We'll meet for (approx.) 90 minutes or so at your home.
  • We'll walk around your yard and talk about what you see.
  • We'll discuss your vision for the space and open your eyes up 180 degrees with what we see.
  • We'll offer a hands-on lesson for homeowners that want to know how to do the work themselves.
  • We'll then break down the yard into smaller, manageable projects and decide how each one gets accomplished. Perhaps you do some of the work. Perhaps you need or want us to do some as well.
  • We'll create garden solutions for you that will make your garden life easier...

​The Cost is $85.00 per half hour.  If the consultation involves listing out projects to be accomplished then we will send you an emailed list to reference what the projects are. 

Where do we begin?

The next step easy! Contact Us Today!  We'll begin the dialogue and you'll feel relieved...

Bringing the joy of Garden Coaching home to you!

Have you ever stepped into your yard, looked around and wished that things were different?  We understand and we would love to help make your life easier, enjoyable and beautiful. It's as simple as one, two, click!

Contact Us!

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