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Wouldn't it be a dream to have your own personal garden coach? Do you have questions how to ... in the garden? Do you want to see how we make gardening fun and easy?

Larry and Frances have created these videos on garden especially for you, the Rochester gardener.  So search on a topic of interest and get in the know!

And with your help, let us know what you would like to learn about.  It will be our pleasure to share the passion of gardening solutions with you!

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Art in the Garden
Adding garden art; birdbaths, fountains, wind chimes, statuary, and bench ideas to create whimsy in any garden!
Container Gardening
Container gardening is easy.... Patio perfection full of color. Just add complimentary plants, fertilizer and water.
Container Gardening - A' La Carte!
Every week we select delectable plants which will tickle your gardening taste buds. Select the recipe, plant it here and off you go. Cook up a garden centerpiece created just for you!
Deer Damage Protection on Trees
Collars on trees protect the trunks from deer rubbing their antlers. Protect your trees from mid August until April.
Deer Damage in the Perennial Garden too
Deer found these perennials in the garden. They tugged and pulled. See how to use a repellent to fend them off.
Deer Damage on Perennials in the Garden
How to fend off deer and know when they are gone. Using repellents help, but only when we can read the signs in the garden.
Deer Damage on Yews in the Garden
Using a deer repellent to help push deer away means spreading the repellent all around the shrub. Spread repellents further from the 'Feed Zone' to fend them off before they get too close.
Deer Damage on Yews in the Garden too.
Deer love Yews. Learn how to detect the damage. Spread a repellent to push them away. Watch for other signs that the deer may have returned and use the repel...
Design a Garden - How to Video
Design with a less is more approach. Use fewer varieties so the garden doesn't become a distraction. After all, gardens should compliment the home.
Divide Perennials & Control Moles / Voles
Dig and divide perennials is as easy as 1,2,3. Controlling moles and voles organically takes a bit more work. See how...
Fertilize a Lawn - How to Video
Lush healthy lawns grown traditionally with a 4-step program or organically. Follow the steps to success!
Fig Tree Care - Container Grown Figs
Prune fig trees in the fall/winter to get them to branch out and produce more succulent fruit. Container grown allows you to store the tree in 35 degree temps for overwintering success.
Geraniums - Mass Planting is Best!
Planting in mass quantities makes gardening easier. One variety makes the planting bed easy to take care of and more complimentary to key design elements in the garden.
How to Control Weeds - Organically
Control Weeds Organically! Start with a good organic weed control. The secret is in the corn gluten. Corn Gluten doesn't allow weed seedlings to continue growing.
How to Dig Trees
Grossmans specimen grown trees get seven years of hand pruning, fertilizing and watering to create a work of art. Harvested dormant, over sized root ball, fertilized, burlap tied, stapled and roped.
How to Dig a Large Tree - Beech Tree Specimen
Grossmans Garden & Home specimen grown Beech tree going to a private arboretum. With care you can create your arboretum today!
How to Fertilize - Organically
Start with a good organic fertilizer that's good for your family, pets and the environment.
How to Seed a New Lawn - Steps to Success
Simple easy steps to seeding a new lawn.
How to Select Grass Seed.
Grass seed should produce a weed free, insect and disease resistant lawn. Choose the right type of seed for the activity and light conditions.
How to Water Trees and Shrubs
How much water is enough. Use this tip for any plant. How to tell if a plant needs water. For more information visit
How to Water a Tree
Trees love water; but not too much. This is a simple do it and get it done way to water your tree and have the tree love you for it!
Hydrangea - Winter Insulation
Snow is a great insulator in winter to protect Hydrangea buds from freezing off. Protecting the buds keeps them alive. The result: lots of flowers the following year.
Hydrangeas - Pruning on Memorial Day!
The best time to prune the old growth off last year's Mophead Hydrangeas (in the North East) is around Memorial Day. See which stems are alive and which ones died back over the winter.
Lawn Programs - Jonathan Green vs Scotts 4-Step Lawn Programs
Does your lawn grow consistently Spring, Summer and Fall? If you answer no, then watch this video...
Moles and Voles Attack the Rochester Garden
How to fend off moles and voles. Recognize the damage. Use repellents to push them away. Check the roots of perennials making sure to fill any voids in the ground with compost.
Moles and Voles Damage the Lawn
Moles live in the debris of tall grasses and venture out into the lawn to feed on the roots. Use 'MoleMax' repellent to push them away.
Organic Compost - Organic Mechanics
Seeing plants thrive and grow robustly starts with great soil. "Organic Mechanics Planting Mix" brings soil back to life! The result: Happy Plants, Happy Gardeners, Garden Success Fun & Easy!
Organic gardening - How to Video
Organic gardening. Chemical free, organic gardening fertilizer, fungicides and insecticides. Simple tips to get you started - Organically!
Palm Tree Freeze Damage
Palm trees are wonderful when they can stand up to cold frosty temperatures. Some are more hardy than others.
Palm Trees Freeze Damage too
Harsh freezing weather causes dieback to palm trees. Cut the fonds back and let the trees grow out again. Use proper fertilizers to help the tree along.
Paperbark Maple Trees from 1906 in Rochester NY!
We grew these trees from seedlings harvested from the original trees planted in Durand Eastman Park, Rochester, NY. The first Paperbark Maple were planted in 1906 when George Eastman and ...
Plant Flowers in the Garden
The right way to add color in the garden; minimize the variety of colors, maximize the quantity. Simply plant in large groups.
Plant a Tree - How To Video
Proper tree planting using soil conditioners, hole size, fertilizer water and mulch. Take the time and do it right! Your tree will love you forever!
Prune Shrubs - How to by thinning
Thinning shrubs and trees will give you success in the garden. Everyone knows how to shear shrubs. Thinning shrubs takes time but grows a great long lasting plant.
Prune Tree - How To Video
Tips to pruning Deciduous and Evergreen trees. When, Where, Why and How.
Pruning Damage - Homeowner takes Revenge
When trees are planted too close to the property line one homeowner may get upset especially if its a messy tree. See what was done and the trees response.
Pruning Trees: How to Hire the Right Company
Prune trees to retain a beautiful structure. Hire the right tree trimming company: good safety equipment, properly insured, who care about the longevity of t...
Regal Geraniums: Whats Old is New Again!
Our Grandmothers used to grow Regal Geraniums. Enjoy the nostalgia and see why this Geranium is a classic we should take notice of. Guaranteed to bring memories alive!
Rhododendrons in Winter
Rhododendrons look sad, wilting and all curled up in winter. This is the natural way Rhododendrons shed the wind off the leaves in winter.
Snow Damage to Shrubs
Heavy snow loads can cause plant damage. Take note in the winter so you will be better able to diagnose the problem in the spring.
Snow Plow Damages Trees
Snowplows can be very damaging to trees. When the snow goes away, be prepared to react to the needs of the tree.
Snow Removal Gently off the Roof
the weight of snow can be very damaging to shrubs in the garden. Carefully remove snow from the roof so you don't break branches.
Spring Garden Clean Up
Cut back perennials, rake out the garden, add a slow release fertilizer and get ready for spring. Simple tasks help make the garden flourish!
Spruce Trees - Privacy Screens Vid #1
Young Spruce Trees are wonderful to use as privacy screens. Pruned every year; trees which are uniform and densely grown will create the perfect screen in the future. Video 1 of 3.
Spruce Trees - Privacy Screens Vid #2
Middle aged Spruce trees screen one yard from another creating separation. Create your "sense of space" too! Video 2 of 3.
Spruce Trees - Privacy Screens Vid #3
Spruce trees create separation between yards. When we plant a beautiful tree in front the Spruce become a backdrop or cornerstone to a yard. Video 3 of 3 series.
Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs Visit Grossmans Garden & Home
Grossmans Garden & Home was proud to host Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs, the founders of the original, the real MacKenzie-Childs.
Weed Free Gardens - Organically
Prevent weeds organically by using corn gluten and bark mulch. A combination of these two techniques will make gardening simple, fun and easy.
Witch Hazel - Arnolds Promise Brings Early Spring Color
'Arnolds Promise' Witch Hazel adds early season color to the garden. A great woodland plant loves to grow in full sun to part shade.