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For the Love of ...Bugs!?
For the love of... Bugs?!...
Why are we building a house for bugs? This is cool....
We all know that aphids are bad for our plants so we're introducing beneficial bugs to the greenhouse!  
These microscopic soldiers destroy aphids without being harmful to plants or people.
Actually, you'd be lucky to take home a hitchhiker to protect your plants there! 
They're so small, you won't even notice!  Integrating these "beneficials" highly reduces the use of chemical insecticides which is great for everyone!  Our growers enthusiastically welcome any questions you have!  
Update For 2017:  We have introduced two additions to our "Good Bug" family. The Rove Beetle (aka Atheta) is like the Roomba of the greenhouse, cleaning up the larva of harmful bugs. We also have a new wasp (Encarsia Formosa) the compliments the ones we already have by cleaning up an even greater number of invaders. 
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